About us

CLAMIR is the result of the collaboration between two global leaders in the fields of infrared acquisition and industrial process control and monitoring:

New Infrared Technologies and AIMEN Technology Centre

New Infrared Technologies

New Infrared Technologies (NIT) is the only company in the world capable to produce high-speed MWIR infrared imaging sensors with uncooled performance at room temperature. Based in these sensors, NIT manufactures infrared cameras with a high degree of innovation and more affordable than other MWIR cameras available in the market. Our cameras are focused to the integration into the production line for process monitoring and control, either as vision systems or as part of solutions with higher added value, capable to respond to the requirements of the Industry 4.0.


AIMEN Centro Tecnológico

AIMEN Technology Centre, with 50 years of experience in R&D+I to improve the competitiveness of the industrial fabric, is nowadays a national leader in research and in providing technological services in the field of materials and advanced manufacturing processes, highlighting joining and laser technologies applied to materials processing. It is present in the main sectors of the Spanish economy, such as automotive, shipbuilding, metal mechanical, aeronautical and energy.


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