CLAMIR. Closed-loop laser power control system for Cladding and Laser Metal Deposition processes

CLAMIR is a process control system for Laser Additive Manufacturing that measures and maintains the melt pool geometry through a closed-loop control of the laser power using a 1,000 image per second MWIR camera

Accurate process control

Closed loop control of the laser power unit at high-speed

MWIR imaging monitoring

On-axis process observation with a high-speed uncooled MWIR camera (1000 images per second)

Compatibility with LAM processes

Laser Metal Deposition (LMD), laser cladding

Easy mechanical integration

The system is attached to an optical port of the laser head

Higher dynamic range

Monitoring of temperatures starting at 100 ºC

Analog output

Compatible with Laser Power Units controlled with analog output (0V – 10 V)

Overall, PbSe sensor technology enables strong improvements in the accuracy and reliability of monitoring and closed-loop control of laser processing, compared to systems based on CMOS

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